Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tucker Update

Ok. So the last time I posted I think that I had decided to not switch his formula but to see if the Zantac would work first. Since then, things have changed. I thought that my family wouldn't get assistance anymore for purchasing formula, cereal, juice, etc. but we do so my game plan changed with Tucker's feedings.

He now is on Similac Sensitive and still receives 1 ml of Zantac twice a day. He seems to be doing much better. He definitely doesn't spit up like he used to and he doesn't have quite as many fussy feeding times either. I know that now I am not really finding out what the root cause of Tucker's fussiness was but the doc did say that the Zantac won't hurt him, so I am content with doing what we're doing.

Last night Adam & I went on a double date with some dear friends so we left ALL THREE kids with a babysitter (who brought backup help too). This was the first time that we left Tucker at home with a sitter so it was kind of a big deal for us, even on our third go around. I guess that Tucker did struggle with his 9pm feeding but he did eat all 4 oz and they even got him to bed, so overall I think it was a success--Right Elizabeth???

Today Grandpa and Grandma Kollasch are coming to stay while Adam & I help some other dear friends cater a wedding, so that should be fun. Hopefully I will remember to take some pictures of the kids with their grandparents to share with you all.

Have a great weekend!!

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