Friday, August 7, 2009

Acid Reflux or Formula

So we just got back from the doctor and it's so hard to know what really is going on but this is what we decided to do. The doc prescribed Zantac (1 ml twice a day). We are going to be giving this to Tucker for awhile (I haven't decided what "a while" means yet) and we are going to stay on our current formula, Good Start. If the fussiness/spitting up/being uncomfortable continues, I will make the assumption that it's not really acid reflux but the formula. If this happens then I will take him off of the Good Start and give him the cans of formula the doc also sent home with me, Enfamil Gentlease that has partially broken down proteins.

I have a feeling that Tucker's going to be relieved finally and I am very greatful for that.

I will leave you with just a cute picture.

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  1. Hi Kim-
    I was reading your post about Tucker having feeding problems..we are going through the same thing right now with Maeci. We have been through numerous formulas, trying different bottles/nipples, etc. She doesn't spit up much much they think she has "silent" reflux where it comes up into her throat and goes back down. She cries through most of her feedings and gets very uncomfortable. She burps really good but still is very uncomfortable. We took her to the pediatrician and they put her on prevacid once a day. Somedays I think it helps and somedays I see no change. She is very fussy on top of it. They decided to send us to a Pediactric GI specialist at the end of this month to try and figure out what is going on. It gets very frustrating not knowing what is going on with her and I feel so bad when she gets so uncomfortable.
    Brooke Stevens