Sunday, August 30, 2009

Candy & Temper Tantrums

Thatcher can be the most cuddly & most polite little boy there is. However, like all of us, he has his weaknesses. Candy happens to be one of them. From the moment he gets up in the morning he's asking "candy, candy" and it just breaks his heart when I explain to him that he may not have candy EVERY DAY.

We use to keep a bowl of goodies out on our table for our guests to feel like they can help themselves, but lately it has been tempting Thatcher way too much. I have even caught him standing on top of the table to be close to the bowl. (I wish I could just wear my camera on my hip so when moments like this happen, I am ready. Sadly I have no evidence of it) I decided that I would just take the temptation away. At least I thought that I was. It now sits in our pantry cupboard but every time the door opens when Thatch Man is around, he goes into his candy frenzy. Today I caught him in action with a piece already in his mouth I believe.

I have no idea how he got the bowl. Probably with the help of a chair or his older sister. I had to take the bowl away and here's how he handled it. A temper tantrum.

He spent some time cuddling with his daddy and then received some explanation that he may not go into the pantry without asking. By the time this was done, he was already drooling pink from the candy that he did manage to stuff into his mouth before we caught him.

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  1. Poor fella, doesn't make you kind of want to laugh at them for what they did although you are trying your hardest to be serious so they know you are serious.....oh those sweet faces! The blog looks good.