Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Hair Cut

I gave in.

He couldn't see without hairs in his eyes. He has a runny nose so there was always snot in it. It was always in a tangled mess in the back. He started to look like a rock star with a bad hair do. So I gave in.


I had to take him by myself to The Hair Clinic and didn't know quite how I was going to hold him and take pictures of his first hair cut at the same time. So I lugged along our bumbo seat that he's pretty much too big for...his thighs are way too big to squeeze in between but oh well, one more squeeze won't hurt.


He did awesome, not a squeak from our little guy, even using the buzzer on his neck. He didn't find it all too pleasant to have all these little hairs in his mouth but we got him cleaned up pretty good.

Renae, our awesome hair stylist, claimed that she's never had to use a thinning shears on a 6-month old baby before. No kidding. She had to thin out the crown of his hair because there's so much up there.

No more hair in the eyes and one handsome little boy.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look What I Made

I love monogrammed t-shirts, but I can never bring myself to ever buy such because then I wouldn't be able to pass it down to the next child (except Tucker lucks out this time). So I decided to use some scrap fabric that I had and some $3 shirts and try it myself. Don't look too closely. Lilly's (the last one that I did) definitely looks the best. I got better as I went. Practice makes perfect, right?

I am pleased with how they turned pleased, in fact, that I may just go to a fabric store and buy some of their scrap fabric (cuter prints than what I have on hand) and try it again. Maybe monogrammed maybe something a little different, I have some ideas brewing.

Adam asked me what I loved most about doing these types of projects-is it the process of doing it? the end result? the compliments that you may receive? the fact that your kids have cute t-shirts? My answer was all of the above. I enjoy working with my hands and enjoy it even more when I don't have to spend very much money doing so.

Tucker's Teeth

They are now big enough to see!

You must still be teething because you are a little on the cranky side. At least I hope that it's just teeth and not an ear infection coming on. We'll just have to see.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tucker 6 Months Old

Our little baby is growing up so fast. It seems like just yesterday that I could lay him on the couch and not worry about him falling off, or lay him on the floor and not worry that he would stick something dangerous in his mouth, or even just give him a bottle and not have to give him a bottle and babyfood

Yep, he's growing up.

Tucker's Stats:
Weight: 19 lbs 3 ozs (90%)
Height: 27.25 inches (75%)
Head Circumference: 17 inches (50%)

8amish (more like whenever I feel like getting you up): eat 7 ozs and oatmeal mixed with fruit
10-12: Nap
12ish: eat 7 ozs and eat a couple tablespoons of veggie and fruit
2pm: Nap
4pm: eat 7 ozs and a veggie and fruit
B/n 7 and 7:30: eat 7 ozs and then go to bed

All About You:
-You love to roll over and over and over until you get stuck
-You worm your way around to get what was previously out of reach
-You can sit by yourself for about 15 seconds. If I want you to play sitting up, I use the boppy pillow to stabilize you-You have your first tooth teeth. They came in at the same time on the evening of Jan. 12. You showed no signs of crankiness, just red cheeks and gnawing on anything you could get your little hands on
-You put anything you can find in your mouth. You have choked on your big sister's toys that are way too small to be left on the ground. We've learned our lesson: Lilly once again has toys that are banned when Tucker's awake. She's had this rule once already so she wasn't too upset when it got enforced once again

-You have to have 1 tsp of antibiotic a day for THREE months b/c of your ear issues
-You've had rice (makes you constipated), oatmeal (still makes you constipated so I mix it with fruit), peaches, applesauce (not a big fan), prunes, acorn squash, yams, carrots to eat. You still aren't sure about your mom mixing all your food up in one bowl, you'd rather eat your veggies first then your fruit, but I'm usually in a hurry. Sorry. You don't mind eating the home-made babyfood, in fact, you've never even had jarred veggies yet.
-You go to bed like a champ. I think that you're going to follow in your big brother's footsteps.
-You have very unruly hair. You need a haircut but I can't part with it just yet
-You love to babble
-Your sister loves to hold you and pretend that you're her baby. She holds you, "pretend" feeds you, picks out your clothes
-You still sleep in a pack and play in my walk-in closet. You could probably bunk with your sister now since you don't really make a peep in the night. I should get on that.

You are growing every day and I am amazed at how much you can do and how old you are and just everything. It seems like with Lilly, I just sat and watched and waited for her to do her next skill or her next new thing. I don't really have time for that anymore (being a mom of 3) so it seems like when I do take the time and really observe you, you have learned a new skill or have more teeth. I am in awe of you, Tucker. We love you to pieces.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lilly's First Church Christmas Program

Lilly was able to participate in our church Christmas program this year. The program was titled, "The Best Christmas Present Ever." It was held on December 13 at New Hope. Lilly had a blast and all of her practicing paid off.

I just want to paint a picture for you for a moment...

The show is about to start. The audience is quiet while the MC is talking about the program, etc, and then you hear a little voice in the background, "Hi Grandma." The audience chuckles and the little girl gets a little embarrassed.

That was Lilly. It was so darn cute!

She's such an entertainer. Even though her program is over, she still sings the songs around the house and we still have to get to listen to her practice CD over and over and over again.

Christmas 2009 and Tucker's Baptism

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We spent Christmas with Adam's family and then just celebrated with my family this past weekend. We ended up leaving the Monday before Christmas due to the snow and ice storm that was to come on Tuesday. I was thankful that we were able to leave town before the nasty weather came. We stayed at Adam's parent's house for a whole week. On the Sunday after Christmas (the 27th) we were blessed to have Tucker baptized.

Instead of me rambling on what we did, here are pictures that capture most of what our Christmas holiday looked like.

Grandpa reading us about the birth of Jesus

The kids with their string in hand. A tradition started by Adam's family when they were little boys. They each have their own color of string and they have to follow it from the Christmas tree (where it's tied on to) to wherever their gift is located. Let me tell you, it's quite the maze on Christmas morning.
Let the opening begin
Sorry about the eyes, but this captures just how excited Thatch was to get a broom just his size.
Frosting sugar cookies, another tradition

Making stepping stones with their feet and hands

Our Family
The kiddosWe are so blessed!!
Grandpa and Grandma Kollasch
Grandpa and Grandma Doughan
All of the cousins have worn this same Baptism outfit and each time one is baptized we have their names added to the pant leg. Lilly's the only girl so she's the only one who's got to wear the beautiful long dress that goes over this romper outfit.

Grandpa baptizing Tucker

Thatcher is 2

I know that I am way behind on blogging, but such is life. I decided that I wasn't going to fret over this blog thing, I don't need it to be a burden, It's just fun and actually informational for me for future reference.

Alright, where do I start...

Thatcher turned 2 on December 14. He's getting to be such a BIG boy. He has quite the personality. He's so laid back and easy going yet persistent when it comes to playing with his toys.
Here are Thatcher's stats:
Height: 34" (just below 75%)
Weight: 31 lb 3 oz (55%)

What are you doing at 2?
  • Your vocab is increasing everyday. You can speak in sentences. You love to copy whatever Lilly or we say
  • Some of your favorite phrases: "I did it" "You ok mommy" (or whoever may have coughed or sneezed "TV on, Diego movie" "Shoes on, off" (when you want me to take your shoes off) "Yiyi..." (Lilly) "Tatcher (Thatcher) do it"
  • You can jump--with 2 feet off the ground
  • You are not a picky eater--you'll eat anything but especially love junk food
  • You sleep like it's nobody's business (about 15-17 hrs/day)
  • You love your special blankie, but Lilly's will suffice when your's needs washing
  • You wear 2T bottoms and 2T-3T tops
  • Your nicknames are Thatch and Thatch-Man
  • You have this love for brooms, shovels, anything with a pole attached to it
  • You like to play with cars, legos, dump trucks, and balls
  • You're still so laid back and have cheeks that we can't stop kissing on
  • You sit on the potty but have never gone in it--it's ok, we'll get there:-)
  • You are in a crib still but in the next couple weeks will be transitioning to a big boy bed
  • You sleep in the basement and LOVE it, you love the dark quiet peaceful room
  • You're starting to want to be my little helper more and more

  • You're a Grandpa's boy--BIG TIME

Adam doesn't find it funny that Lilly and I play dress up and beauty shop with Thatch

Thatcher, you have become such a handsome little boy. We love everything about you, from your "ugly" cry to your sweet "You okay?" It seems like you have a heart that's so caring and giving and I pray that the Lord will continue to shape and mold you just the way He has planned.