Thursday, August 27, 2009

He's BIG (2-month checkup)

Here's the stats on Tucker Harvey at 2 months old:
*Height: 23.25" (90th%)
*Weight: 13lb 7oz (97th%) WOW!!!
*Head Circumference: 15.51" (?%)

We've always had plump babies but never long babies. I was pretty shocked at that stat. Adam had the privilege of taking Tucker to see Dr. Pals for this 2 month checkup with a list of questions in hand (his idea, not mine).

Tucker's doing great. We were advised to keep him on the Zantac for a month or so longer. His feeding issues are no longer, just the normal spit up that babies can have and the normal gassiness that can sometimes happen too, but nothing like before.

I did notice that Tucker's been having diarrhea with every feeding so I had Adam bring that up at his appointment too. Doc said to not worry about it if it's not bloody and if he keeps gaining weight. She said it just is how his digestive system is working right now.

I moved him up to Size 2 diapers because he was blowing out the size 1 every time. It was very annoying and gross. I guess he's pretty powerful because he's even blowing out of the size 2. I am just going to have to strategically hold him and position him when he has a bowel movement so this doesn't happen EVERY time. Such is life and I am good with that.

We have a healthy boy and are very blessed for that.

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