Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lilly's Park

Yesterday was so beautiful that we, as a family, headed to the park not far from our house. We are blessed to be so close. It has become known as 'Lilly's Park'. It has been great to see Lilly grow each year and become more adventurous and now be able to handle virtually everything that is there, which makes life easier when you are out-numbered kids to parents:-) but...

...there comes 'Thatch Man', our new nickname for this adorable yet stubborn little brother. He's come to think that if Lilly can do it than why can't I? This can get interesting which is why I don't dare take them to the park by myself yet. (I do believe I am getting closer to convincing myself that it wouldn't be that bad).

We had a great time. I thought that I would catch some pictures this time as I haven't shot any yet this year. Hope you enjoy.


Monkey See Monkey Do

Daddy makes me show off how strong I am. I can hang from monkey bars already:-)

So Can I
Trying out the slides in 'various' positions
Yep, that's right, "I'm flipping over"-A little scary
We didn't even know she could climb this by herself yet. She showed us!
Always exploring
Just Hanging out in the stroller, playing with my toys. Notice that I can hold my toys now. I am so big!

Just Having SO much Fun!

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