Friday, August 7, 2009

Tucker 6 weeks Old

My baby boy is 6 weeks old already. I can't believe that time goes by so quickly. Things have been well around the home front. It seems like we haven't been home all that much since Tucker was born, I guess in some ways that's good and in some ways it's good to just be home for a while so that we can establish routines.

Activities that you've done in the past month and a half include: spending the 4th of July at the Cabin in Spirit Lake (just a week old), spending 10 days in Grundy Center with Grandpa and Grandma Doughan while Daddy worked there, and camping in Austin MN for the Bartolo Family Reunion. You did awesome through all of this!

What are you up to at 6 weeks old??
  • Eats every 3 hours 4 oz of Goodstart formula (your eating problems is a whole other post)
  • Sleeps 6-7 hours starting at around 9pm and then sleeps for another 5 or so after that
  • Spits up a lot and does not like to burp even when we give you gas drops before EVERY feeding
  • Loves your swing (but can't spend much time in it because your older brother will destroy you)
  • Is starting to smile for real (it's not just gas)
Overall, you are adapting well into our family. I wouldn't say that we've (meaning "I") haven't really gotten a good routine down yet, but we are making progress. I mean, Thatcher still has to stay in bed until 9am because I haven't figured out how to get him out earlier than that with Tucker's feeding schedule (but at least he doesn't mind staying in there for a prolonged period of time). I guess that's the biggest obstacle to overcome right now. But I think that once Tucker's feeding dilemma gets solved, we'll be able to feed him in a shorter amount of time which means we'll be able to get Thatcher sooner.

Sorry for such a long post, but this leads me to talk about Tucker's feeding problems. Pray for us, we actually go into the doctor today at 2:30pm to see if we can't figure it out.

When do you know that your baby has more of a problem than just being gassy and it just being a stage??? I think putting up with a fussy fussy baby while he eats for 6 weeks is long enough. He may have acid reflux, a digestion problem, or maybe even a milk allergy, but nonetheless he is not a happy camper when he eats. This is what I DO know:
  • His legs go stiff as a board after only 1/2-1 oz of formula
  • He has trouble burping so he just stays in pain
  • Sometimes I can get him to burp but then it's followed by a whole lot of spit up
  • So far, he has thrown up 3 times. I say thrown up because it's definitely more than just spit up because it uses all of his body to get the job done and it has just kept coming and coming and coming
  • He goes a day with great feedings-still a lot of spit up and not very good burps, but then the next few are terrible and the pattern just repeats itself
Hopefully we can figure out what's going on and life will seem that much easier. I thank God that I have been blessed with these three kids and I would have to say that overall I have it pretty good!!! Thank you Jesus.

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  1. I will definitely be praying for Tucker. I can only imagine how hard it would be to watch him be in so much pain and not know what to do. It's a good thing he has such calm and collective parents.

    I look forward to hearing the good report soon.

    Love you guys!