Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun with Daddy

The other night while it was storming outside we got water in our basement again. We knew that our gutters must be clogged because the water was just spilling over them instead of running through them. So Daddy came to the rescue and cleaned them out for us. Thatcher and Lilly were behind him every step of the way. As he was on the ladder, the kids were 1 rung below him. My Dad happened to be here that same weekend and I told him that there was him 20+ years ago with me standing right below him. It was very cool to see (for me at least, Adam was probably thinking otherwise)

Eventually Adam let them, one at a time, up onto the roof. He told them they might as well get used to it because it'll be their job one day--working for Dad.


  1. So cute Kim! I love that first picture. And your new background is awesome too!

  2. Okay this would have made me nervous, but it made for some really cute pics with dad! I bet they loved being on the roof.

  3. What an AWESOME memory for your kids! I think you should blow up that first picture and frame it for Father's Day!! What a treasure!!!!!