Friday, June 11, 2010

Dance Recital

This past weekend we got to experience what dance recital weekend was all about. By no means were we as busy as some of those moms. My goodness, I learned a lot from them for what to do if or when Lilly continues with this dance craze.
Some things to remember for the future:
-Flowers are a nice gift for your child(ren) as a reward for doing their best
-Use Rubbermaid totes to lug all their stuff along-this is easy to carry and keeps all their belongings together
-Sponge curlers work AWESOME if their hair is too short for the bun. Put them in when the hair is wet and let her play until her hair dries up. Take them out and that's it. Easy as pie.
-Bring fun activities along (in their younger yrs at least) to past time in between acts. The backstage moms were wonderful in keeping them entertained by coloring, watching videos, and snacks
-Video tape their rehearsal

Lilly practiced all school year long for this dance recital and she did MAGNIFICENT! She just loves to perform. I think that I was more nervous than she was. In fact, I experienced a whole new dimension of motherhood. I had butterflies in my stomach just as if I were the one waiting to dance on that stage (I felt just like I did back in the day when I played sports), it was so strange. I didn't want her to mess up or feel embarrassed. After talking to my Mother-in-law she said that she knows exactly what I mean, as I'm sure all you moms do who have kids in activities. I was not prepared for this at all, I am not sure I like it all that much and it is only just the beginning. We'll have to see how this all plays out in the future.

Here's Lilly getting ready for her BIG night: