Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thatcher is 2

I know that I am way behind on blogging, but such is life. I decided that I wasn't going to fret over this blog thing, I don't need it to be a burden, It's just fun and actually informational for me for future reference.

Alright, where do I start...

Thatcher turned 2 on December 14. He's getting to be such a BIG boy. He has quite the personality. He's so laid back and easy going yet persistent when it comes to playing with his toys.
Here are Thatcher's stats:
Height: 34" (just below 75%)
Weight: 31 lb 3 oz (55%)

What are you doing at 2?
  • Your vocab is increasing everyday. You can speak in sentences. You love to copy whatever Lilly or we say
  • Some of your favorite phrases: "I did it" "You ok mommy" (or whoever may have coughed or sneezed "TV on, Diego movie" "Shoes on, off" (when you want me to take your shoes off) "Yiyi..." (Lilly) "Tatcher (Thatcher) do it"
  • You can jump--with 2 feet off the ground
  • You are not a picky eater--you'll eat anything but especially love junk food
  • You sleep like it's nobody's business (about 15-17 hrs/day)
  • You love your special blankie, but Lilly's will suffice when your's needs washing
  • You wear 2T bottoms and 2T-3T tops
  • Your nicknames are Thatch and Thatch-Man
  • You have this love for brooms, shovels, anything with a pole attached to it
  • You like to play with cars, legos, dump trucks, and balls
  • You're still so laid back and have cheeks that we can't stop kissing on
  • You sit on the potty but have never gone in it--it's ok, we'll get there:-)
  • You are in a crib still but in the next couple weeks will be transitioning to a big boy bed
  • You sleep in the basement and LOVE it, you love the dark quiet peaceful room
  • You're starting to want to be my little helper more and more

  • You're a Grandpa's boy--BIG TIME

Adam doesn't find it funny that Lilly and I play dress up and beauty shop with Thatch

Thatcher, you have become such a handsome little boy. We love everything about you, from your "ugly" cry to your sweet "You okay?" It seems like you have a heart that's so caring and giving and I pray that the Lord will continue to shape and mold you just the way He has planned.

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