Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look What I Made

I love monogrammed t-shirts, but I can never bring myself to ever buy such because then I wouldn't be able to pass it down to the next child (except Tucker lucks out this time). So I decided to use some scrap fabric that I had and some $3 shirts and try it myself. Don't look too closely. Lilly's (the last one that I did) definitely looks the best. I got better as I went. Practice makes perfect, right?

I am pleased with how they turned out...so pleased, in fact, that I may just go to a fabric store and buy some of their scrap fabric (cuter prints than what I have on hand) and try it again. Maybe monogrammed maybe something a little different, I have some ideas brewing.

Adam asked me what I loved most about doing these types of projects-is it the process of doing it? the end result? the compliments that you may receive? the fact that your kids have cute t-shirts? My answer was all of the above. I enjoy working with my hands and enjoy it even more when I don't have to spend very much money doing so.


  1. SUPER cute! Teresa Templin made some similar to that for my kids, and we LOVE them! But YOU get to say that you make them! :)

    oh, and I want to know where you got those cute shirts for three bucks!

  2. These are awesome, Kim! And the picture of the kids is so cute too!

  3. Did lilly get a hair cut? Very cute shirts and i know where you got the $3 shirts, Noah has one! I was just looking at monogrammed shirts on etsy shop...I might try my hand at it. I absolutely know what you mean about making something with your own hands, seeing the end result! So many rewards to it.