Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Hair Cut

I gave in.

He couldn't see without hairs in his eyes. He has a runny nose so there was always snot in it. It was always in a tangled mess in the back. He started to look like a rock star with a bad hair do. So I gave in.


I had to take him by myself to The Hair Clinic and didn't know quite how I was going to hold him and take pictures of his first hair cut at the same time. So I lugged along our bumbo seat that he's pretty much too big for...his thighs are way too big to squeeze in between but oh well, one more squeeze won't hurt.


He did awesome, not a squeak from our little guy, even using the buzzer on his neck. He didn't find it all too pleasant to have all these little hairs in his mouth but we got him cleaned up pretty good.

Renae, our awesome hair stylist, claimed that she's never had to use a thinning shears on a 6-month old baby before. No kidding. She had to thin out the crown of his hair because there's so much up there.

No more hair in the eyes and one handsome little boy.



  1. What a great little guy...enjoy the sreamless haircuts while you can. Everytime we cut noah's hair we swear the neighbors are going to turn us in! The cute looks awesome.