Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Sleep Over

I was sooo excited for my sleep over with my cousin Jackie-Boy. The first night my mommy tried to put me to bed at the same time as Jack but we soon figured out that was not going to work. Cousin Jack turns in early and I am kind of a night owl, so I just kept talking to him and he wasn't able to fall asleep. So this is what my mom and dad did instead: I started out going to bed in my mom and dad's bed and then once I was alseep they transfered me into my sleeping bag in my room with Jack. I had a great time spending a couple days with Jack. I miss him already. Love you Jackie-Boy!


  1. I love you too Lilly and I miss you! When are you going to come and sleep over at my house??! Maybe during a bad snow storm you could come and go to the beach with me?

  2. My mommy said that if I won't come, then she definitely will to get out the cold.:-)