Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rolling Over

Our Little Man is rolling over already. I can NOT believe it! He is a tummy sleeper but now has learned to turn onto his back. The first time he did this stunt was Nov. 4th and I thought it was a fluke. But now it's almost instantaneous as soon as he lays on his tummy, which makes going to sleep tricky sometimes.

For his morning nap yesterday, I just left him on his back to see what would happen, and this is what happened...

our little boy fell asleep on his back. This was a good thing except he didn't sleep nearly as long as he usually would have. For his afternoon nap, he did the same thing but once he was asleep I went in to flip him over again and he slept so well.

I have also figured out that he only likes to roll on his right shoulder so if I butt him up in the pack and play close to his right side then he won't can't roll over.

He's even found his thumb on occasion (like yesterday). When he does, he's just like his older brother, and will just sleep and sleep and sleep, I have to go wake him. It's so odd.

That's what's new in Tucker's life. Growing leaps and bounds each and every day in all sorts of ways. That's for sure. We are so blessed!

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