Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tucker 18 Month Checkup

In January Tucker visited the doctor for his 18 month well check. Here's all his info.

Weight: 25lb 2oz (50%)
Height: 32 1/4" (50%)
Head Cir.: 18"-Tucker is our Wild Man. If he's too quite, it usually means he's up to mischief.
-He climbs on almost anything. If he can't reach, he'll find the closest whatever to stand on to reach.
-He eats ANYTHING. It's so refreshing to have one of those kind of kids.
-He is an AWESOME sleeper. He sleeps for 3 hrs in the afternoon and then goes to bed at 7pm til 8am or so.
-He bunks with Thatcher and LOVES it!
-He doesn't really play with toys yet, they're mostly just weapons.
-He has quite a temper on him. We're still trying to figure that out. It doesn't really work to spank for disobedience because he'll turn right around and hit you back. He doesn't like it when we raise our voice to him and he doesn't like to be put into his bed for timeout; however, I don't want him to associate his bed with discipline so I am not sure what to do about that one yet. I will take any advice.
-As mischievous as he can be, he can be all the more charming too. His eyes can just suck you in.
-He loves to give kisses, loves to dance, loves to be a part of the party.

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