Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lilly 5 Years Old

Her well check went great.

Height: 39.5" (50-75%)
Weight: 37 lb 6 oz (75%)

At 5 Years Old...
-You are such a Little Lady
-You love anything Pink
-You love to nurture your babies
-You love to play with barbies, babies, my little ponies, princesses, or polly pockets
-You love to play kitchen-coming up with all sorts of recipes
-You love to draw pictures and write your letters
-You love to go to school
-You love to dance
-You love to rhyme and make patterns
-You are the life of a party
-You are a Daddy's Girl
-You love to go shopping with Mom or Grandma
-You are starting to eat or at least try anything
-You no longer wet the bed
-You still won't fall asleep in your own bed by yourself. You fall asleep on the couch and then we transfer you to your bed (anyone have suggestions on this one: she's too scared to fall asleep by herself in her room????)
-You don't take naps; otherwise bedtime is way too hard
-You love to take care of your brothers or cousin Orin
We love you so much Lilly. We are so excited to see all the neat things God has planned for you. Keep growing into that lovely little person and remember that you can always count on God!

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  1. Idea ... I haven't tried it, but I've thought about it. What if you make a special bedtime CD with you and/or Adam reading some of her favorite books and singing some of her favorite songs that she could listen to in her room at bedtime and it could be either on a timer or on repeat. Just a thought, but maybe it would keep her awake or not help her fear.