Monday, June 27, 2011

Tucker 2 Year Check Up

His stats:
Weight: 28lbs (50%)
Height: 34" (just below 50%)
Usually when I go into well child check-ups they are usually quick and straight to the point...the doctor asks how it's going, and I respond good, no concerns and we go on with the routine exam. You all know the drill.
This time was out of the ordinary. I did have to talk through some concerns about Tucker. His constant runny nose and blood shot eyes.
Since Christmas 2o10 he's had a runny nose and been very congested. He's definitely had his fair share of ear problems too. We've alreay been to the ENT and the plan we came up with then (which was a month or so ago I believe) was to watch him through the summer months and hopefully he'll clear up, if not...I'll have him looked over again and we'll talk about tubes but try to hold off on the tonsils and adenoids til he's a little older.
So today, Dr. Pals begins her exam and determines he still has fluid in the ears so we did a tympanigram to make sure the movement in his ears is good. The results were sub-par but not HORRIBLE, so again we're just going to "watch" it. I feel like that's all I'm ever told with this kid, let's just "watch" it. She agrees that we're most likely dealing with allergies and recommends we up our daily dose of zyrtec from 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp. And also says that his blood shot eyes are a symptom of his allergies. The Dr. said that I can have the allergist take a look at him and test him to see what we're really dealing with. I'm not sure if we'll do this or not, although I think it would be nice to know for sure what's going on. I'll just wait and see how he does the next few weeks and then decide whether to do the test or not.
That pretty much covers all my concerns. She also checked over his birth mark that he has on his tummy and made sure it was the same size and such. She said we need to keep an eye on it, which won't be hard since it's right there on his tummy , especially as he gets older the chances that it could become melenoma is higher. That was good to know for future reference.
Now, how can I describe Tucker at age 2?
-A charmer
-A little monkey (he LOVES to climb onto bicycles that are way too big for him and can do ANYTHING at the park, a little scary if you ask me)
-Talks very well --you can definitely tell that he has older siblings, he says things like: "Let go" "Stop it" "Give it back"--notice the trend?
-Runs or hops wherever he goes
-Still sucks his thumb at bedtime
-Goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 7 or 8am
-Is very protective of his siblings when he sees Adam wrestle them--he'll scold Adam and get right in his face and tell him what's what
All in all, Tucker keeps us very busy. It's taken 2 years for us to feel like we really are in a groove now. We're not just surviving anymore but thriving. That's such a good feeling! God's really blessed us in many ways and we'll aways be thankful for that!

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