Sunday, April 17, 2011

Playing in the snow-One Last Time

Thatcher and Lilly begged to play in the little snow that we had one last time.
It's so fun to see them play with each other. Most times they play well together, Lilly usually does the bossing and Thatcher is usually ok with just going along with it. (once in a blue moon, Thatcher will have none of Lilly's bossiness which in turn doesn't usually work out too well then)

They had a blast trying to have a snow fight.

I happened to be watching little Orin this day. They were having just as much fun-but only from the window. It's been great having Orin here usually a couple days a week. He loves when Lilly reads to him and when Thatcher will share his trains with him. But boy oh boy, when he and Tucker get together, it usually means trouble. I can usually find them downstairs, in the bathroom, or their favorite spot--the closets.

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  1. haha! I love that last picture- they do look ornery and up to something!