Saturday, September 11, 2010

Preschooler Lilly

One week is done. Lilly started school on Tuesday, Sept. 7th. She goes M-Thurs. from 8:15-11:15.

We had everything prepared the night before. I put together 3 outfits and laid them all out and she got to pick which one she wanted to wear. We have used this method every night so far, it seems to work for us.
Lilly's not much of a breakfast eater, but I try and she usually gets 1/2 a bowl of cereal or applesauce down. Seems to be ok.

Lilly LOVES to be around other kids, so she had NO problem being left there in her classroom. I heard from a third party that Adam had a harder time letting his princess go than I did. That's probably true. It is time for this mommy to have a little break!

On Thursday, Mrs. Starkenburg did say that Lilly had a case of the "I want my Mommy" towards the end of the day. I think she was just overwhelmed a bit and they did something a little bit different that day and played in the gym (due to rain) instead of outside with their 4th grade friends.

Lilly's favorite part of the day she says is snack time and recess. I guess she's not too into the learning part yet, oh well, it'll come, right?

Just before entering her school

By her room doorHer LockerThis is now how I find Lilly at night. She sacks out on the couch. So tired!

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  1. Our babies are growing up! I'm glad that Lilly is enjoying preschool and you are enjoying your little break! :-)